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For seven years I found myself working in Event Execution.  I  spent  four years working for a private company, throwing parties of all kinds.  I assisted in the selling of and planning of these events; but my main focus was the day-of execution of the parties.  I have thrown Bachelorette parties, Bridal showers, anniversaries, birthdays and plain old parties for the sake of partying.  I have done corporate events, team building events, holiday parties and launch parties.  My smallest party was a party of four – a father, a mother and two teenagers, who brunched with us before going to the Broadway play NEWSIES.  My largest party was for 150 people.  I have overseen the set up and breakdown of the dining and lounge locations in various event spaces around the city.  I have overseen the waitstaff and bartenders, busboys and coat check, event photography and music; and I worked very closely with the chefs at all events I have handled.  My duties have gone beyond the general hosting and captaining of staff and I have acted as emcee for Parties where guests are taught to Cook a three course meal and events where guests play a TOP CHEF/CHOPPED/IRON CHEF like game.  Some of my clients and guests have been His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Lobsang Sangay – The Prime Minister of Tibet, Dior, Fisher-Price, MTV, AOL, Google, Gucci, Yahoo, MAC Cosmetics, PepsiCo, Time Inc., Coca Cola, Bounty, Capitol One, Pillsbury, Bank of America, Vitamin Water, Post Foods, White & Case, Heineken, Pfizer, L’Oreal, Deutsche Bank, American Express  (and many, many others).

Aside from my work with this private party company, I had the opportunity and privilege to execute weddings and special occasion  parties for private citizens – everything from theme parties (one birthday party featured only chocolate foods) to cozy rooftop vegetarian dinners for two.  I have coordinated with the caterers, cake and desert makers, photo booth proprietors and DJs, Wedding Officiants and rental space owners.  I have overseen every detail from decor to menu, from florals to stocking seams.  I have created playlists, hand crafted bridal bouquets, baked cakes and even produced an entire cabaret show.  I have run house parties for the rich and famous and run Herculean events from holiday parties to weddings of every kind.  I found the work very rewarding and, when the time was right, I retired from the industry.  It was suggested, often, that I write a book about my experiences in the industry but that hasn’t appealed to me yet.  This page is dedicated to those experiences and the wonderful people I met during those seven years of hospitality.

Life is a Cabaret

The Guests Get Individual Attention

Here are some of the reviews:


“Ain’t too proud to beg”

A tribute to Mr. Mosher.


Most men and women dream about their wedding day years prior to the actual event. In our minds eye the choice of dress, location, flowers, food, guests etc, are crystal clear. This was certainly the case for me.

As someone who works in production and coordinates for a living “our wedding” felt like just another event to be tackled; decisions to be made, logistics to be scheduled, not a big deal. (so I thought)

Most brides will agree everything is 20/20 in hindsight. Even the most logical grounded bride can be completely blindsided by the wedding experience.

No one warned me that expectations of family, friends, and in-laws would be exhausting. Unforeseen costs and details will be stressful. Suddenly, planning this important day became an emotional and financial drain.

It was truly a gift from god and certainly no accident I had the great fortune of “experiencing” Stephen Mosher at my wedding shower. His enthusiasm was infectious. As our host, he was able to keep twenty tipsy ladies on point and moving through the fabulous cooking wedding shower.

Although I only had a few minutes to chat with him I was struck by his amazing energy. One of my good friends, who was watching me wither under months of stress from wedding planning leaned in and said, “you need Stephen”. Immediately I knew she was right. The only way I was going to get through the wedding was with an angel on my shoulder and Stephen was that angel.

After the shower I approached my mother about having Stephen on our team. She reached out to him and we were both so thrilled to find he would indeed lend his time and expertise to the wedding.

From that moment on Stephen was on board, supporting and weighing in on the decisions that would effect the feel and momentum of our big day.

On the big day, I was held up getting hair done. (every bride will have one thing that eats up too much time and throws her whole wedding day schedule off) After loosing an extra two hours I spent the rest of the day catching up at break neck speed to get to the church on time.

While I was running around, I never once worried about the wedding. I knew Stephen was at the venue where both the ceremony and celebration would take place. He was overseeing the florist, assisting the caterer, getting the photo booth set up, seating the quintet, prepping the entertainment for the cocktail hour, I could go on and on, but Stephen did it, effortlessly and with a smile. More importantly, I never once worried or questioned if it would get done. Stephen’s is so detail oriented and thorough there was no doubt.

Stephen’s kindness, sincerity, organizational skills, exuberance and extensive experience with weddings made him THE most perfect person to oversee the big day.

If I had to do it all over, the only thing we would have changed would have brought him on earlier in the process. Unfortunately we did not meet him until 6 weeks before the wedding. That said, any Stephen is so much better then no Stephen.

Stephen was the angel who got me down the aisle and made the wedding come together. For that I am eternally grateful to him. I can’t imagine how it would have come together with out him.

The lesson I learned from my wedding is there is no shame in asking for a little help. No bride should go it alone. We all can use a helping hand.

If you are lucky enough the universe will send you Stephen and you can rest easy knowing your event will be flawless.

Very truly,

Kat Delaney





I cannot thank you enough for making my shower so fabulous and memorable.  Your energy, humor and personality made everyone feel so welcome and enjoy every minute.  You made sure my ladies were happy and smiling the entire time.  I heard from so many people, “this is the best shower I’ve been to!”  You are responsible for so much of that.  Thank you thank you thank you!
I absolutely look forward to connecting post-my wedding.  Thank you again for everything (and for taking care of my extra-special mom).
I hope you’re having a nice rest of your weekend!
Lots of love,
You are a superstar! 
Thank you so much for your high-energy, dynamic and wonderful leadership of Loren’s shower on Saturday. 
It was a hit; we have been receiving rave reviews. 
xoxo  Judith
We has the most AMAZING time!!  Everyone can’t stop raving about Stephen and the rest of your amazing staff.  Stephen was beyond a joy to work with and made the experience so beautiful!  I know you will be seeing us next year if not sooner.
Hi there,I organized an event for my client Digitas and my company DoubleClick on Monday
January 14th.   I wanted to say that we all had a fantastic time. My client was very happy. I wanted to tell you that Stephen and Alon  gave us INCREDIBLE service. They were very attentive and went above and beyond. Service like that will get people to come back and throw more parties. They were a huge part of everyone enjoying their time.
I also want to make note that Stephen was absolutely a fantastic host!  He clearly explained the rules, remembered our names and made sure that everyone’s wine glass was always full  :).  He also allowed for us not to have to do anything but sit back, relax and enjoy the party.  I could not have asked for a better host.  He was impeccable.
Guggenheim Parters    
I wanted to let you know how wonderful our team-building event was.  We were so pleased with how everything was customized to our needs and requests and handled with such professionalism and class.  Stephen and Ashton were fantastic…they truly added to the overall experience.  Can’t thank you enough for making Danielle and me look like rock stars to our entire team.  Feedback has been glowing from everyone that attended this function…and it really couldn’t have been any better.  It was the perfect end to our two-day off-site meeting.
Advertising Age
My firm, Development Counsellors International (DCI), had an event  on Tuesday  and we all had a lot of fun.  Stephen, who was in charge of our event while we were there, was absolutely fantastic! He was on top of all of the details (even offered to bring drinks to us from the bar when a group of us walked in late), and he had a great personality. I’m a firm believer in telling people when they’re doing their jobs well (rather than just complaining when things go wrong), so I wanted to share this feedback with you.
My best friend organized my bachelorette party here and it was the BEST experience! The staff was incredible, especially Stephen, and the food was delicious. We were a group of 16, and all of us had a kitchen “task” and it was a lot of fun – great food, great wine, fun music, and just a very fun evening.   Highest recommendation for a great bachelorette party!!
Here’s the deal:  if you need to organize anything, anything at all, you need to call Stephen Mosher.  As it happens, he not only arranged our wedding last year, but made bouquets, boutteniers, did floral
arrangements, kept guests glasses filled with bubbly, cut and served cake, kept the bride and groom calm, kept music playing, timed everything to the minute, and then managed to clean up afterwards.  If
there was anything that went array during that party, I sure didn’t know about it.  He is amazing.  He is definitely the host with the most.  Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, he also happens to take stunning photographs. Most sincerely, 
Jennifer Houston



I just wanted to thank you and your team (Stephen, Kevin, Sarah, Elle) for hosting such a PHENOMENAL party for us.  I went in with fairly high expectations and I think it’s fair to say that I was completely blown away.  The battle of the bites event was great fun and the 3 course dinner was delicious.  Special props to Stephen for being a great host and making sure that our every need was attended to.  The entire group had a truly great time, and I can’t tell you the number of times people came up to me and said that I had set a ridiculously high bar for future parties!  I thank you for making my wife’s 30th birthday party such a memorable event.



I did specifically want to take a moment to tell you how amazing Stephen is.
Several of my team came up to me after the event to say how enjoyable he
made the evening, and how professional, courteous and fun he was. My boss
even made it a point to tell me about her great experience with him as well.

I personally found Stephen to be a godsend. He really did live up to his
promise of taking care of everything so I could relax, and actually enjoy
the evening and build relationships with my peers. It is so rare to find a
partner like Stephen for these types of functions that I am able to trust

I can’t thank you and him enough for the outstanding job you both did. I’ll
be recommending you wherever I can. Please let me know if there is anything
else I can do.

Best regards,


To Whom it May Concern:

It was my great pleasure to have Stephen Mosher plan and execute my 30th birthday party earlier this year.  Having watched Stephen throw many wonderful parties over the years, I knew that he would go to great lengths to make mine as fantastic as possible, and I was not disappointed.

Stephen took over every detail of the party from venue to invitations to food and even the music selection.  I didn’t have to worry about a single aspect of the event and when he asked for my input, he had targeted, concise questions.  At no point in the planning process did I feel the need to jump in or take over any aspect of the party, knowing that Stephen would take care of everything.

On the day of the party, Stephen continued to ensure that my only focus was to enjoy my party.  He seemingly effortlessly handled every part of the event from the candles on the cake being lit to making sure there was always fresh ice.  Afterwards, everyone who attended commented to me specifically how lovely the party had been and how seamlessly the whole event had been pulled off.

Stephen Mosher has all the qualities that make a truly great event producer.  His attention to detail and knowledge of the hospitality industry are of the highest level.  He is firm and yet incredibly personable, intelligent and above all – hard working.  He takes great pride in his work that is evident to anyone who has had a party planned by him or attended one of his events.  I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone I know as well as use him again in my future events.

I recommend him without reservation and with great enthusiasm.  I am happy to speak at greater length about Stephen and his work if necessary.

Annalisa Mickelson 



Where do you begin when recommending Stephen?
Rapport? Stephen has that rare ability to meet everyone where they are coming from and making them feel instantly welcomed and in a safe place.
Expertise? He also has the experience and savvy to anticipate the problem before it happens, and solve it before you even knew there WAS a problem.
Sophistication? From his demeanor to his sense of style,Stephen finds a way to add to the client’s experience without stealing the spotlight.
In short as an event planner and executor, Stephen is who you want on your team. You will feel supported, guided by excellence, and comforted by his unique experience.

Chef Edward Magel


A few years ago, I came to Stephen looking for help with a surprise anniversary dinner for my girlfriend.  He set up a preliminary meeting where he asked very insightful questions and immediately put my mind at ease that this was going to be handled flawlessly.  Throughout the planning phase Stephen gave me regular updates with the utmost care to maintain the secret.  When the big night came, Stephen floored us both in all categories: venue, service, food (to this day some of the best I’ve ever had).  I would, without hesitation, refer him to anyone.

Aaron Mickelson


Turning 50 Never Felt So Good

My 50th birthday party was a celebration I will always remember.  Truly it was one of the great evenings of my life and almost entirely due to one Stephen Mosher.  Stephen took the entire planning and execution in hand and not only organized the food and drink service, including a magnificent cake, he handled all the festivities and was the evening’s MC.

His talent as a host and his grace under pressure, along with his ability to move at WARP SPEED meant my party went off without a hitch.  Every single guest (75 of them) remarked about what a tremendous party we were having and how Stephen was miraculously on top of everything and kept us all moving from start to finish.

Anyone thinking of hiring someone OTHER than Stephen Mosher to coordinate and ‘pull off’ any event should do a re-think and get themselves the right man for the job… Stephen Mosher.

Thank you,

R.P. Dwyer



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Edward Magel says:

Where do you begin when recommending Stephen?
Rapport? Stephen has that rare ability to meet everyone where they are coming from and making them feel instantly welcomed and in a safe place.
Expertise? He also has the experience and savvy to anticipate the problem before it happens, and solve it before you even knew there WAS a problem.
Sophistication? From his demeanor to his sense of style,Stephen finds a way to add to the client’s experience without stealing the spotlight.
In short as an event planner and executor, Stephen is who you want on your team. You will feel supported, guided by excellence, and comforted by his unique experience.

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