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After 35 years behind the camera I have managed to store up a lot of memorabilia from my career.  In my life, though, I have begun a path to a simpler existence and find myself wishing for fewer material possessions.  I have decided to divest myself of some of the memorabilia and sell it off.  This page will be updated, regularly, with items for sale:  poster size prints made for exhibition, 8×10 prints printed for portfolios, test prints from The Sweater Book, artwork I no longer care to store.  None of the items for sale are newly made – they are all memorabilia and have been around for some time; so nothing is pristine, though much is in good to very good shape.

I hope there are some fans of my work who will enjoy picking up these memories and pieces of art from a career spanning three decades, all of which have brought me great joy and pleasure.    If you see something you want, shoot me an email and we will make all the arrangements!



Below can be seen photos, recently made, of the items currently showing for sale.  By clicking on the photos you can see an enlarged version; underneath each photo is a description and the asking price.  These pieces of memorabilia are being sold as is.  Shipping costs will be billed to the buyer after shipping, in the exact amount, after the item has shipped.



 (not pictured below)   Black and white negatives of late Disney star of THE LION KING Jason Raize.  Before his death, Jason and I worked together.  We shot some rolls of black and white film.  This lot is most of the black and white negatives we shot, over 100 photos.  For fans of the young artist, these would be a treasure.  Most of these photos have never been seen publicly.  $200. 




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Some lovely stuff here Ste. Congrats on getting the nerve to spring clean!

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